Dear baby girl [Newcastle Maternity Photography]

NFE Design, maternity photos, newcastle maternity photographer, renee bell

Dear baby girl,

Eeek!! Your nearly here!!

It’s been 36 weeks of growing, squirming and kicking….in often the most uncomfortable spots little miss!!But, I can’t help but smirk at these things you do already….I have a sneaking suspicion they are traits of the little person you will begin your journey to becoming very shortly, so I can’t help but love them, especially those kicks in my bladder! (Just joking…..please ease up on those!)

Do you know your the wrong way up??! I feel like you do, and your totally comfortable and fine with it (as am I) even maybe doing it on purpose because that’s something I’d probably do…… Just to try something different! As long as you are healthy and comfortable darling girl, anything goes.

Soon this household is going to be an even playing field now and I’m so excited about it!! The smile didn’t leave my face for days after I heard “it’s a girl” ….. two boys, two girls. Perfect huh?! This means you have two boys out here busting to hold your precious tiny hand in theirs. Your darling daddy is the big one….tall, dark hair, beard….delicious really!! Well I think so, he’s beyond my perfect anything and everything. We are besties, and I know you will think the world of him. I have a feeling he’s going to be your favourite to snuggle into and sleep on because he’s extra comfortable. He’s going to be over protective but this is only because he will love you beyond words.

The other boy desperately waiting your arrival is your brother. You will know him when you hear him….He’s the racket you’ve been hearing day in, day out since your little ears have been working. I can’t explain how excited he is to meet you…. he asks about you every morning, and must rip the warm sheets off me to see you and kiss you good morning. He often tells me you want to play raspberries on my belly — you two are serious trouble already! He’s also told me when you hurt yourself you get to borrow one of his bandaids, lucky you!!

Then you have me of course….but we are quite well acquainted already. I feel your every move, you listen to my heartbeat, I’m pretty sure I squish your head under my ribs somedays and you give me a swift kick to the bladder just to let me know that wasn’t ok. I’m more than sure these things will continue on the outside as we spend time together and learn to love the perfect imperfections we all have, but we will always come together as one perfect little family! Oh – just a heads up – in the mornings, especially when daddy’s home it’s family bed time. The bed is king size so we should all fit comfortably, and it’s time for snuggles, morning kisses, usually ninja turtles on the iPad. Be warned – if the boys start tickles we need to take cover because feet will fly. At least until your old enough to play stacks on!! We will have lots of time just being….. Cuddles, nuzzles, giggles and laughter. And this will continue always, even if I have to force you.

See you soon little miss, can’t wait to kiss your chubby cheeks & sniff your wonderful baby smell xxxx your Mumma

NFE Design, maternity photos, newcastle maternity photographer, renee bell

NFE Design, maternity photos, newcastle maternity photographer, renee bell

NFE Design, maternity photos, newcastle maternity photographer, renee bell


Maternity Photography by Renee Bell | NFE Design. Location – Belmont, Newcastle NSW.
Jess is 36 weeks pregnant with baby number 2.
View more images of Jess here in her artistic nude maternity photo session.

NFE Design, maternity photos, newcastle maternity photographer, renee bell, maternity photography in newcastle, pregnancy photos, studio maternity photography, pregnant belly

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Lisa Stormon

Simply beautiful!

Katrina Mackel

Oh god having a baby makes you so emotional doesn’t it!? Haha I just cried reading that very special

Valerie Rapp Fuller

What beautiful images…and mom’s words…<3. I can’t wait to see the newborn and family photos next!

Kimberley Firth

Oh my gosh so beautiful jess

Nattie Lane

That’s beautiful!!

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